The Jungle Book Comes to Life in a First Teaser

The first teaser trailer for the upcoming 2016 live action adaptation of the Disney classic Jungle Book just got released.
Proudly announced as “from the studio of Pirates of the Caribbean and the director of Iron Man (Jon Favreau)”, the first thing that comes over as really striking about The Jungle Book is its colourful and very faithfully adapted scenery. Though most of the jungle along with most of the animals seen in the trailer are clearly brought to life with the help of CGI, it still is probably the best and only true way to make a faithful live action adaptation of such an almost fairytale-like story with speaking animals.
Also, the trailer contains a good mix of scenes known from the original Disney animated feature as well as a couple of new scenes like a fight between Bagheera and Shere Khan or King Louie chasing after Mowgli. Voice acting also seems to be quite good with the trailer giving us our first impressions of Scarlett Johansson as Kaa. Yet this is far not as exciting as the fact that Christopher Walken will be voicing King Louie…it doesn’t get any better than this.

So far, The Jungle Book looks very promising and actually much more adventurous and action packed than before. Yet there’s still some waiting to be done until it finally hits theatres on April 15, 2016.
Until then, you can just go ahead and watch the 1994 live action Jungle Book movie by Stephen Sommers. It’s pretty good.

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