Pan - Recap Review

What's good

- Exciting and well choreographed action scenes
- Interesting ideas regarding Peter Pan and co.'s origins, but...

At least the action and effects are great.

What's bad

-...only very loose connections to the traditional Peter Pan we all know
- Quite generic "the chosen one will save us"-storyline
- Almost every actor tends to overact in his performance
- Some weird casting choices (Rooney Mara as Tiger Lilly and Garrett Hedlund as Hook?)
- No clear target audience - often too dark for kids but also too goofy for adults

A prime example of unnecessary "white washing".


- So Peter Pan now has been turned into some kind of Neverland Jesus?

"You are The One, I mean Peter."

The Verdict

Pretty much ever since Disney's classic Peter Pan animated feature movie, Peter Pan movies always struggled to replicate this success. After Steven Spielberg's Hook from 1991, Pan from director Joe Wright is the latest live-action reimagining of Peter Pan - and sadly also ends up with very mixed results.
While the general ideas of Peter Pan's origins along with some exciting action scenes can rightfully be called quite creative and fun, the rest of Pan comes off as a big and hardly definable mish-mash of tones.
Crammed into an overall very generic "the chosen one will save us"-storyline are some weird  casting choices for iconic characters along with mostly over-the-top performances that make the movie feel like it tries to masque its own shortcomings with an overabundance of fast paced energy. It all in return though makes the entire movie feel like a very unfocussed adventure movie, that doesn't even know what target audience it's aimed at. Pan's dark tones make it not entirely recommendable for kids while most of the movie's very goofy humor might easily turn off many adult viewers.
Lastly, with some creative ideas but ultimately only very loose connections to the traditional Peter Pan, Pan is a movie that follows the concept of "throw everything at it and see what sticks", in order to build up a franchise afterwards. Unsurprisingly enough it didn't work out, making Pan not as bad of a flick as most critics make it out to be, but nevertheless a quite forgettable Peter Pan movie.

Final Verdict: 3 out of 10

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