The Final Force Awakens Trailer is Here!

The new (and supposedly final) Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailers is finally here!

The entire score in this trailer perfectly showcases how very well this new and most probably best trailer for The Force Awakens is constructed: starting out with subtle piano music that slowly blends in more and more of the classic Star Wars themes and ultimately climaxes in a blast of nostalgic Star Wars imagery and music.
The trailer does an extraordinarily great job in showing us much more of the movie without spoiling anything of its story. With that said, aside from more awesome scenes showcasing the movie's great cinematography work and battle scenes, especially Kylo Ren's motivation gets some light shed on. With the words "I am going to finish what you started" it becomes clear that Kylo Ren's First Order is expectedly a direct continuation of Vader's empire (remember: nobody except Luke knows that Vader turned to the good side in his final moments). Also, there are moments that show distinct parallels between the character Rey (played by Daisy Ridley) and Luke from the first movie - both longing for greater things in the galaxy.
Once again, The Force Awakens looks both new and classic in the best ways, combining much of the feel from the original trilogy together with updated visual splendor and new characters.

We already got hyped up enormously and still thankfully know very little about the movie's storyline. Now we only need to wait till we can finally watch the movie itself when it hits theaters on December 18th.

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