Transformers: Devastation - Recap Review

What's good

- Faithfully recreated 80s cartoon visuals and battles
- Fast, fun and easy to get into combat mechanics (albeit not that complex)
- Frequent and solidly challenging boss encounters
- Awesome soundtrack

A typical first boss for Platinum Games standards.

What's bad

- Very short campaign (about 5-6 hours)
- Boring level designs
- Missions tend to feel repetetive after a short while and lack variety

"That again?"


- Is that Witch Time from Bayonetta in my Transformers game?!

Let's hope Optimus isn't growing any long black hair soon.

The Verdict

Transformers: Devastation shows that Transformers games don't always have to be gritty shooters oriented on the current Michael Bay movies, and thus marks a refreshing shift from today's norm for the franchise. 
Based on the style of the nostalgic 80s TV series, Transformers: Devastation does great in looking exactly like the cartoon and making the game's battles feel like they are ripped straight from the original show. Mixing together elements from Bayonetta and even third-person-shooters, the game's combat mechanics overall are really fun and easy to get into, although more complexity in terms of more combos would've been very welcome to make battles feel less tedious towards the end.
Yet even despite its respectively fast and fun combat, it feels like developer Platinum Games simply didn't go all out here, making the game's repetitive missions, boring level designs and general lack of variety its biggest problems. With that said, it doesn't take long to make Transformers: Devastation unfortunately often feel like a one trick pony, even considering its respectable amount of frequent boss encounters and customization options.  

Ultimately, Transformers: Devastation is honestly rather a fun beat-em-up than a full-fledged hack n' slash game. Packed with plenty of fan service and enough fun combat, Transformers: Devastation is definitely worth a playthrough. Even without the deep complexity of Bayonetta's combat or other superior Platinum Games titles, Transformers: Devastation therefore makes for a great rental or a good buy when on discount.

Final Verdict: 6 out of 10

Status: Only For Fans / Great Rental

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