The Civil War Begins - The First Trailer for Captain America: Civil War

Finally, the first trailer for the highly anticipated Captain America: Civil War hit the web today.

Based on the popular Marvel comic story arch of the same name, Civil War has Captain America and Tony Stark aka Iron Man on different sides of a nationwide debate regarding the governmental supervision of superheroes.
Although far smaller in scale compared to the comics it's based on, the movie adaptation of Civil War seems to focus far more on the personal side of the conflict. With Steve Rogers reconnecting with his old friend Bucky aka The Winter Soldier, he gains an old friend back while losing another one.
It's much more of a tragedy or drama kind of feeling throughout the trailer rather than full on action. Yet of course being a Marvel movie, a whole lot of fights are of course involved. Especially during the final shots in the trailer superhero against superhero fights ensue. Captain American chasing Black Panther, Iron Man holding a defeated War Machine in his arms, and an impressive final wideshot of Winter Soldier and Captain America beating up Iron Man all hint at the action goodness that is to be expected.
Still, we sadly don't get to see the new Spider-Man yet. Seeing how he is one of the key characters and main attractions in Civil War, Marvel is most obviously keeping the best for last, which is a fair enough movie on their part to keep excitement and curiosity levels high.

The Civil War will begin on May 6, 2016. 

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