The Last Witch Hunter - Recap Review

What's good

- Solid premise with some interesting ideas
- Well composed score

At least Vin can now fulfill his D&D fantasies here.

What's bad

- Flat and one-dimensional heroes and villains
- Generic and rather simple overall plot with a dragging pace
- No real standout moments or highlights whatsoever
- Very underwhelming action scenes
- Visual effects quality is all over the place

"I better just save this sword for the final showdown."


The moment you realize that this is just another "paycheck movie" for Michael Caine

Sometimes you just have to pay your bills somehow.

The Verdict

The Last Witch Hunter's premise and casting choices alone had all of the prime ingredients to make this supernatural action movie the beginning of a seriously cool monster slayer franchise like Blade.
Yet already with the very first trailer, many peoples' expectations for this movie plummeted quickly due to The Last Witch Hunter's biggest problem and eventual downfall - its horrendous execution.
While the movie definitely boasts a distinct style and atmosphere, one cannot deny that the entire movie feels utterly underwhelming and somehow so cheaply produced that it honestly could come off as a straight-to-DVD release instead of a big theatrical feature.
Unlike other supernatural action flicks of way better quality, The Last Witcher Hunter seems to tread along on a punishingly slow pace to immerse the viewer in its admittedly interesting lore. It's too bad though that the movie itself falls incredibly short in terms of keeping up any dynamic with the help of cool action scenes or any true highlights whatsoever. With that said, most of the movie's runtime is actually spent on tedious conversations between the cast of one-dimensional characters trying to pull off some bland clue seeking detective work while some very inconsistent CGI is sprinkled in here and there. 
But well, at least Vin Diesel looks like he is having plenty of fun fulfilling his Dungeons & Dragons fantasies by acting in this movie.
Anyway, The Last Witch Hunter is a huge missed opportunity to start off a potentially solid supernatural slayer action franchise. Due to a shockingly low quality of its overall production, script and sheer entertainment value, The Last Witch Hunter is very hard to recommend but very easy to forget or skip.

Final Verdict: 2 out of 10

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