The Warcraft Trailer Gives Hope for Good Videogame Movies

The much anticipated movie adaptation of Blizzard studios' Warcraft franchise has finally released its first trailer.

Sharing quite some atmospheric and stylistic designs with the Lord of the Rings franchise, the first Warcraft trailer does a very good job of introducing the world, two factions and the main plot of the movie. The tagline of "Two worlds. One home" is very well utilized in the movie's plot and trailer.
Focussing on the war between the humans and the orcs, a small orc tribe wants to bring an end to the war and achieve piece in order to save both their own orc kind and humans as well.
Whether hardcore fans of Warcraft appreciate and welcome the change of some orcs trying to cooperate with the human Alliance remains to be seen, but at least Warcraft looks like very solid fantasy entertainment. While it doesn't really showcase anything too new in terms of large scale battles that we haven't seen before in The Lord of the Rings, Warcraft still manages to look promising and definitely huge and epic.
Also, the orcs look very well done here along with the other Warcraft art design (even though some female orcs somehow are CGI while others apparently are actors with make up - ?).
After a very long time of bad to average video game adaptations, Warcraft finally looks like a videogame adaptation with a lot of effort and truth to the source material put into it.

How well Warcraft will hold up remains to be seen though, when it hits theater on June 10, 2016.

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