Bigger isn't Always Better in the First Independence Day 2 Trailer

The onslaught of blockbuster trailers seemingly doesn't stop. 
Up next is the first trailer for the sequel to one of the most defining 90s blockbusters: Independence Day: Resurgence.
While a sequel to Independence Day is certainly nothing that many people asked for, there is no denying that the original Independence Day to most people remains somewhat of a nostalgic guilty pleasure or simply dumb but fun popcorn entertainment elevated by the two leading actors Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum.
In Independence Day: Resurgence, the aliens are of course coming back - and with twice the size of a mothership. Judging by this first trailer though, the premise here is pretty much just as simple as it was before with the original, yet the trailer feels mostly somewhat awkwardly outdated. Spreading much of a Michael Bay-esque vibe, the trailer doesn't evoke nearly as much excitement nowadays as the original trailer did back in the 90s. In today's day and age where CGI extravaganza is commonplace in Hollywood summer blockbusters, you have to bring more to the table than that to amaze.
At this point, Independence Day: Resurgence might just as well become another guilty pleasure throwback 90s experience, or a just plain outdated and clicheed CGI-fest and little else. Sure, the stakes are now raised with a bigger mothership and some actual space battles against the hostile aliens, but it's all things that we have seen a billion times in movies by now. 
Additionally, with bland Liam Hemsworth replacing the uber-charismatic Will Smith alongside Jeff Goldblum, Independence Day: Resurgence's first trailer doesn't really do anything wrong but just feels underwhelming and run-of-the-mill at this point. 
As another indicator that this movie might just be stuck in the past, they literally use the same speech from the original once again word for word. Now that's lazy.  
Hopefully Independence Day: Resurgence will end up being more interesting when it hits theaters on June 24, 2016.

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