Star Trek Beyond's First Trailer Leaves Core Fans Behind

Up next is the first trailer for the next Star Trek movie: Star Trek Beyond.
Talk about a trailer which immediately gives away that J.J.Abrams is not directing the franchise anymore. This time, director of the recent Fast & Furious movies, Justin Lin, is taking over the director's seat, and it clearly shows. While action is of course always a big part of Star Trek movies, the action never overtook the movies' storylines. Star Trek Beyond however seemingly changed that.
Instead of any true excitement caused by an intriguing premise or interesting story, the trailer for Star Trek Beyond is one big action montage. With numerous explosion, the Enterprise Crew stranded on a remote planet and even Kirk doing stunts on a dirtbike, at least judging by this trailer, Star Trek Beyond doesn't really feel like Star Trek at all. Showcasing so many action scenes in this trailer with an out of place feeling Beastie Boys song playing, it gets clear that director Justin Lin wanted to use the Fast & Furious formula directly on Star Trek in hopes of recreating the same success. Sadly though, the trailer for Star Trek Beyond feels utterly messy with its overly big focus on selling action instead of a compelling story, leaving the actual Star Trek fanbase behind.

Here's hoping that Star Trek Beyond won't ultimately neglect its core fans as much as this trailer makes it seem, when it hits theaters on July 22, 2016.

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