The Hateful Eight - Recap Review

What's good

- Instantly gripping, unpredictable and tense "whodunit"-storyline
- Additional incorporation of racial, historical and character specific themes 
- Fantastic performances all across the board (dominated by Samuel L. Jackson)
- Expectedly superb writing and direction by Quentin Tarantino
- Great fitting western score by Ennio Morricone

Rule No.1: Trust no one.

What's bad

(-Not that many quotable passages or lines)

Not too many quotable lines, but that's being nitpicky.


The ridiculously intense final chapter

Your expression during the movie's final chapter.

The Verdict

After the more mainstream oriented and genre-muddled Django Unchained, The Hateful Eight marks cult director Quentin Tarantino's return back to classic form with a way more focussed and instantly gripping western thriller.
Playing out very much like a brutal whodunit-kind of story, The Hateful Eight is packed with not one single boring character. Each character is so incredibly well written that only watching the lead-up to the main act with the characters meeting and simply interacting with each other is gleefully entertaining throughout. 
Once again, Tarantino delivered a movie that stands on the shoulders of a superbly crafted script full of gripping conversations brought to life by a well directed cast that gives it their all (especially Samuel L. Jackson). What starts out like a rather standard western plot with a colorful group of badasses, including bounty hunters, a racist ex-general, a femme fatale convict and a hangman, quickly turns into a big intense mystery solving case. With pretty much the entire movie taking place in Minnie's stayover cabin, where the crew of the eight travellers is stuck due to a raging blizzard, Tarantino truely takes full advantage of the location and situation, making the feel of paranoia, isolation and tension rise to ludicrous levels, especially towards the movie's awesome final chapter. Sure enough, The Hateful Eight also boasts its fare share of trademark gory kills, yet those really are (once again, as it is typical for Tarantino) only the cherries on top of a wickedly entertaining story, that makes the movie's almost 3 hour-long runtime just fly by.
We can be very thankful that Tarantino decided to still make The Hateful Eight despite the movie's script having already been leaked before the movie's production. Because The Hateful Eight is not only a great movie, but also manages to rank up there, next to the likes of Reservoir Dogs, as one of Tarantino's finest efforts yet.

Final Verdict: 9 out of 10

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