The New Batman v Superman Trailer Unites Our Heroes

After the recently released 50-second teaser, we now officially got the next big Batman v Superman trailer.
With a length of over 3-minutes, it's quite a long trailer. Yet how much time of that trailer is spent on a certain dialogue part of the movie remains questionable, as is the decision to show off key reveals of the movie in the trailer.
After an admittedly tense and interesting first contact between Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne, we get our first clear look at Jesse Heisenberg's performance as Lex Luthor's son - and it somewhat feels a bit off. Heisenberg is a great actor, yet soley judging by this trailer, his depiction of Luthor in Batman v Superman comes over a bit too quirky and too similar to previous performances of his like in The Social Network. Hopefully this is somehow going to change a bit over the course of the film.
Furthermore, we got to see more shots of the action and mayhem that ensues throughout Gotham and Metropolis, all the while some connections to Man of Steel and Suicide Squad are made.
Lastly, the biggest reveal of the trailer shows a big, powerful troll-like creature appear on the battlefield what is very obviously going to be Doomsday in the movie. While many speculations have already been floating around the web that Doomsday is going to be included in the film, it might very well come off a bit of a disappointing bummer that the ultimate evil that unites our heroes in the end is just another big hunk of CGI.
All worries aside, this was a perfectly servicable albeit a maybe too revealing trailer for its own good.

Let's hope that Batman v Superman has still a lot of surprises in store for audiences when it hits theaters on March 25, 2016.

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