The Revenant - Recap Review

What's good

- Leonardo Dicaprio's no-holds-barred performance
- Uncompromisingly realistic and graphic presentation of survival in the wilderness
- Story mixes real life historical facts with spiritual themes very well
- Consistently bleak atmosphere
- Beautiful cinematography

Go get your Oscar, Leo.

What's bad

- Too long for its own good / Some minor scenes that could've easily been cut
(- Solid yet quite simple story)

"When is it finally over?"


The terrifyingly realistic bear attack scene

I guess this encounter turned out quite...grizzly.

The Verdict

With The Revenant, Academy Award-winning director Alejandro G. Iñárritu delivered one of the most uncompromising and realistic survival epics we have seen in a very long time. Being absolutely uncompromising in its depiction of the struggles one man (Hugh Glass played by Leonardo Dicaprio) has to go through to survive the wilderness and other dangerous situations, The Revenant is truely an exhausting experience. Dicaprio sure holds true to his words when he claimed that making The Revenant was most probably his toughest shoot yet. Seeing Dicaprio's character being viciously attacked by wild animals, Native American tribes, the bitter cold and other deadly obstacles pushing him to his physical and psychological limits, The Revenant does great in making you suffer with him through it. Showing off the dark and unrelenting harshness of nature but also its beauty, it's most notably the changes between brutal survival and peaceful silence that stand in the forefront of the movie's atmosphere.
Yet, The Revenant is not just a sheer survival trip but also boasts a rather simple yet solid story incorporating themes of revenge and love for your family that drives Dicaprio's character foward. It is all wrapped up nicely in a very accurate and bleak presentation of the historical circumstances and lives of American frontiersmen during the 1830s.
But once again, it all would've fallen apart if it weren't for Dicaprio's spot-on and amazing performance (although the rest of the cast does great as well) that maybe might just grant him his Oscar this time (*fingers crossed*).
The Revenant sure enough is not for everybody and might be rightfully considered quite a bit too long (2,5 hours), but seeing how well it serves as just as much of an exhausting survival experience for the viewer as for its protagonist himself, you have to say that it gets its job done in impressive fashion.

Final Verdict: 7 out of 10

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