Top 10 Worst Movies of 2015

2015 was luckily a very good year for movies and especially revivals of long dormant franchises. Yet no year in movies is perfect, meaning that even in this good year some serious stinkers spawned from the movie making machinery of Hollywood.
To get those abominations and disappointments out of the way first, before we move to the list praising the best movies of the year, it is once again time for a top 10 list to put the this year's worst of the worst flicks in their dishonorable spots.

Here are Invisible Kid's Top 10 Worst Movies of 2015!


Hitman: Agent 47
directed by Aleksander Bach

Action movies rarely come along as forgettable as Hitman: Agent 47.
Intended to reboot the movie franchise based on the popular Hitman video games, Hitman: Agent 47 not only entirely missed what the Hitman games were all about but it was also just an amateurishly badly made action flick on top of it. While admittedly most of its action scenes were still somewhat servicable, they never managed to make viewers care the least bit about what was going on. In a ridiculous plot filled with an overkill of exposition, flashbacks, actually stolen quotes from far better movies ("I am not locked in here with you. You are locked in here with me."), a weird supernatural antagonist with bulletproof skin and a shameless cliffhanger ending to ignite a sequel, Hitman: Agent 47 is such a poor action movie, they couldn't even get an actually bald leading actor, but instead had to shave one.
But well, what do you expect from a movie that had the exact same writer of the original horrendous Hitman movie from 2007. 

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Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension
directed by Gregory Plotkin

If you thought that retarded Poltergeist remake was bad, wait till you get a load of Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension.
The found-footage horror genre nowadays is very hard to pull off seeing how overflooded the horror movie market is with it. Enter Paranormal Activity, a franchise that started with a pretty capable first entry and got progressively worse with each movie - fast. After audiences thought it couldn't possibly get any more absurd than Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, they were treated with what was supposed to end the franchise in great fashion. Yet what audiences really got was much more of a lame attempt to retell Poltergeist with a Paranormal Activity-found-footage coating. Characters you don't care about, lame uninspired scares, and nothing that we haven't already seen before a thousand times done better in much better movies, are what await you in this (hopefully) last entry to a franchise that probably shouldn't have ever existed in the first place.


Knock Knock
directed by Eli Roth

Knock Knock by well known director Eli Roth is best described as probably the most uninvolving and pointless way to make another Hard Candy movie.
Focussing on a husband, played by Keanu Reeves, who invites two lost girls into his house only for them to convince him into having sex and later psychologically torture them, Knock Knock is a horror thriller with a quite capable build-up to an absolute nothing. Viewers of Knock Knock will be sitting in their seats waiting for any purpose or reason to be given at the end of the movie for why those two home invaders actually put Keanu Reeves through such a hard time, but there simply is never a reason given. Worst of all though, is that there also is never a good reason given as to why hubby Keanu even cheated on his wife in the first place. The result? A movie full of characters you don't care about with a build-up to an expected final twist that simply doesn't exist, making this entire movie absolutely pointless!
Eli Roth has never been a director known for his well made films, but with Knock Knock, he granted his own career a new low. Knock Knock is a complete waste of time.


directed by Michael Mann

Not only one of the worst movies of this year, but also by far the most disappointing one - Blackhat.
We sure enough are actually used to far better movies from Heat and Collateral director Michael Mann. Yet the much anticipated Blackhat, that was supposed to serve as his big comeback, was anything but.
Leaving its entire cast, including the otherwise charismatic Chris Hemsworth, stranded in a movie with a potentially exciting hacker-chase plot, Blackhat is a prime example of a movie that might've sounded good in theory or on paper, but ended up being horrible in its final execution.
What audiences were greeted with was no intensely investing thriller with terrifyingly realistic chase sequences and gun fights, but a very convoluted mess of a movie that was hard to follow and worst of all inhumanly boring - something that absolutely no Michael Mann film managed to be on such a devastating level.
Somewhere at Blackhat's core there surely is an actually good tale to tell, but with such a bad method of storytelling, Blackhat should definitely serve as quite an alarming wake-up call for Michael Mann considering that even hacker movies like Johnny Mnemonic somehow end up being way more entertaining to watch than this borefest.


 We Are Your Friends
directed by Max Joseph

What's worse than a movie only filled with characters you don't care about? - A movie only filled with characters that make you hate their guts.
We Are Your Friends starts off quite promisingly but progressively ends up becoming a very unremarkable, predictable and ultimately by-the-numbers underdog tale of a young DJ, played by Zac Efron, wanting to become famous with his music. Yet with the movie featuring the titular "friends" of his that always feel like the most dispicable and plain insultingly dumb human beings ripped straight out of a Jersey Shore episode, viewers can't help but feel like Efron's friends are actually the only things that stand in his way. Making matters worse though, is that those "friends" actually stick around for the entire movie, seemingly infecting the entire rest of the cast and even the movie's story with stupidity, plot holes and a final moral that is presented as inspiring but really makes no sense whatsoever.
We Are Your Friends is a movie that will make you wish it was a horror flick so that every single one of those idiot characters could get killed off in rightfully gory fashion. Sadly though, We Are Your Friends is neither a horror movie, nor a good movie about electronic music, but only an extremely challenging session of anger management.


Paul Blart Mall Cop 2
directed by Andy Fickman 

Oh boy. Kevin James,...what the hell are you doing?
You know you are in for something bad when you are watching a comedy movie starring Kevin James. The otherwise incredibly likable actor, who managed to make King of Queens a hit TV sitcom back in the day, is nowadays only known for his abysmal efforts in big budget Hollywood flops. While most of them probably have in some way to do with his friendship to overpaid box office poison Adam Sandler, it remains puzzling as to who the hell thought making a Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 movie was a good idea or even remotely necessary.
While the first Paul Blart movie was lightyears away from being a masterpiece, it still might've been an alright rather harmless time killer for kids. Its sequel however, completely missed that mark: not only was its story a very boring affair filled with unfunny predictable jokes, but the movie was also surprisingly mean spirited. Mostly targeted towards making fun of "fat people" with some unfittingly dark tonal shifts thrown in, Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 is a comedy that makes you feel uncomfortable and unclean watching it.

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Hot Tube Time Machine 2
directed by Steve Pink

Much like the Melissa McCarthy movie Tammy from 2014, Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is yet another perfect example as to why you can't just throw together a bunch of supposedly funny actors without any directions and just hope for the best when making a movie.
This sadly is exactly what happened to Hot Tub Time Machine 2. While the original held up respectively well with its ludicrous premise supported by performances lead by John Cusack, its sequel felt utterly slapped together and without a clear comedic concept whatsoever. Scenes in the movie feel so unfocussed that it often ends up being hard to tell whether you are watching an actual movie or just some outtakes or bloopers of its production. On top of that, jokes in the movie feel like immature idiot anecdotes thrown together for the actors' own amusement. There's no denying that all of the unremarkable leading actors in Hot Tub Time Machine 2 must've had a very fun time making the movie and getting their quick paychecks, but sadly they were also probably the only ones laughing here. Viewers on the other hand will undoubtedly want to have a time machine of their own in order to get the money back they spent on this slapped together garbage.  


Fantastic Four
directed by Josh Trank

See that poster right there? It looks like the new Fantastic Four reboot is going to be a fun ole' time with some comic book action. Well, too bad! Because Sony's attempt to reboot the Fantastic Four franchise turned out to be what most critics already consider one of the worst comic book movies ever made.
Being both a critical and commercial failure, Sony Pictures obviously wanted to make use of their film rights to the quartet of superheroes and bust out a quick attempt to build another comic franchise cash cow.
Yet much like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 before it, Fantastic Four felt more like a product than an actual movie. Filled with a team of protagonists that don't feel like they even like each other, as good as zero action scenes whatsoever (by the way, that shot in the poster actually never happens), a laughable villain and showdown, an unfittingly dark and downbeat tone and featuring an overall story that feels like one huge exposition for a superhero movie that ultimately never happens, Fantastic Four is an absolute trainwreck in a day and age where it feels like comic book movies can't do any wrong.
There surely is a lot of debate about who actually is responsible for Fantastic Four's gigantic failure. But even that doesn't change the fact that we once again won't see a proper Fantastic Four movie for quite some time after this disaster.
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Hot Pursuit
directed by Anne Fletcher

Just by looking at this movie's trailers you could immediately tell that it was surely going to end up high on this year's various Top 10 Worst Movies lists.
Hot Pursuit is not only a laughably poorly executed but also just a sad attempt to cash in on an uninspired comedy with two big names attached to it: Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon. What was originally supposed to be a simple buddy comedy romp ultimately ended up as an incredibly clicheed and very annoying endurance test for audiences. Full of painfully unfunny jokes, cartoonishly stereotypical characters a child could come up with and a boring by-the-numbers storyline, Hot Pursuit works with elements that could've maybe worked in a kids movie if it wasn't made for adults. Making matters worse is the fact that Hot Pursuit probably could've ended up as an "okay" movie if it had two actresses that remotely had any chemistry together. Yet watching Vergara and Witherspoon try to compile a funny scene together just feels cringeworthily painful to watch. When each joke falls flat and in a story that is already aggressively lazily written to begin with, what do you finally get? Exactly: absolutey nothing but a waste of your time!
Hot Pursuit is a hot mess and is easily the lowest point of each of its leading actresses' careers - especially for Academy Award winning actress (!) Reese Witherspoon.


Unfinished Business
directed by Ken Scott

It really was a hard pick between the very similar Hot Pursuit and Unfinished Business for the number one worst movie spot, yet considering the big number of stars involved, non-existent directing work, convoluted boring plot, pointless subplots, criminally unfunny jokes and the resulting devastation this box office bomb caused, the decision quickly became clear.
Unfinished Business is another one of those movies that aren't just bad but immediately expose its writer's and director's incapability of making movies (or at least comedies) overall. With that said, it really feels like every element in Unfinished Business is just lazily slapped together and ends up working against itself, making the movie's 91 minute runtime feel like an agonizing eternity as a result. Yet it's even somewhat sad to see how much Unfinished Business just leaves three potentially funny actors, who already starred in good comedies, stranded in a directionless movie that happens to be the perfect equivalent of a 1,5 hour long conversation with a drunk person who constantly tries to tell you bad jokes but always forgets the punchlines.
No movie this year managed to fail in pretty much every major aspect in such a horrifyingly embarassing way as Unfinished Business. And even though it might sound impossible, the terrible attempts at storytelling and comedy in Unfinished Business somehow manage to make you feel annoyed, angry and bored all at the same time.

Thus, it is absolutely clear that Unfinished Business is Invisible Kid's pick for the Worst Movie of 2015!     


Dishonorable Mentions:

Transporter: Refueled
Sinister 2

Fifty Shades of Grey
Taken 3
The Last Witch Hunter

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