Ride Along 2 - Quicky Review


What's good

- Addition of Olivia Munn shakes things up a bit

At least Olivia Munn is there to...look nice.

What's bad

- Very flat comedy
- Instantly forgettable, run-off-the-mill buddy-cop story
- Very few highlights
- Ice Cube's character too unlikable - Kevin Hart's character too annoying

Oh boy, where have I seen THAT before?


That stupid GTA-video game chase sequence

Even the chase scene is incredibly ridiculous.

The Verdict

Ride Along 2 is a sequel nobody asked for and resultingly has odds standing against it right from the start. Yet it doesn't help that this happens to be a sequel that is just so lazily written from its story, over its characters, all the way to its very flat comedy, that it becomes instantly forgettable.
Though Ice Cube and Kevin Hart return as the two protagonist unlikely partners and brothers-in-law, the movie doesn't really develop their characters into new directions. 
Ice Cube once again plays the supposedly badass but accidentally overly unlikable Detective James, while Kevin Hart as Officer Ben is pretty much playing Kevin Hart all over again. In a severe case of type-casting, Kevin Hart once again plays an overly dynamic and loud goofball character and resultingly brings absolutely nothing new to the table. And at this point, having one overly motivated goofy character (Hart) fall into several comedically dumb situations only for the badass character to save him (Ice Cube) becomes more of an annoying shtick than actually good comedy.
Rolled up in a very forgettable buddy-cop story with very few highlights and no wit, the only slightly redeeming factor here is the addition of Olivia Munn to the cast. Yet even that doesn't help this sequel too much, considering that it feels just unnecessary and lazy right from the start.

Final Verdict: 2 out of 10

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