The 5th Wave - Quicky Review

What's good

- Premise with potential...

Time to call Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum.

What's bad

- ...which pretty much isn't used at all
- Painfully by-the-numbers "young adult"-storyline
- Absolutely predictable from start to finish
- Ridiculous plot twists the movie pulls straight out of nowhere
- Numerous huge plot holes
- Boring two-dimensional cardboard characters
- Uninspired, weak acting performances
- Anti-climactic finale

"Watch out! You almost fell into that huge plot hole!"


- Evan's ridiculous secret

Seriously?...You gotta be kidding me...

The Verdict

The 5th Wave, just as much as the novels it's based on, is a prime example of a shameless attempt to cash-in on "what's popular with teens" these days. Jumping onto the Young Adult-movie bandwagon started by Twilight and The Hunger Games, The 5th Wave is so painstakingly shallow, uninspired and by-the-numbers that it hurts.
Featuring Chloe Grace Moretz in one of her weakest acting performances thus far, not even she can hold this movie up in any way. Even though The 5th Wave might start off quite promisingly, the movie's quality drops to zero in the very first couple of minutes in which the entire set-up and story just seems awfully familiar. What awaits audiences is a YA-movie that just so heavily works itself through a checklist of "what every YA-movie needs to have" that you can instantly tell how the movie is going to unfold from the very first minutes. With that said, you are of course treated with your clicheed strong heroine, a revenge motive, your love triangle, evil overseeing government, sequel-bait, etc.
Yet The 5th Wave isn't simply an extremely boring and eventless YA-movie, but simply a bad movie overall. Featuring so many huge plot holes and ridiculous plot twists the movie doesn't even try to explain, The 5th Wave's prime motive of cashing in on the YA-movie craze becomes just hilariously pathetic.
The 5th Wave is an absolute borefest, waste of time and serious contender for worst YA-movie to date (rivaled only by the Divergent Series). Not even hardcore YA-movie fans should force themselves to watch this garbage.
Worst thing about it though, is that there are two more novels in the series that could be adapted. God help us.

Final Verdict: 1 out of 10

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