Zoolander 2 - Quicky Review


What's good

- Justin Bieber getting viciously killed within the first 10 minutes
- Will Ferrell manages to bring a few minor laughs as Mugatu
- Kristen Wiig's over-the-top Russian accent

Yet not even Kristen Wiig or Will Ferrell can save this movie.

What's bad

- Very generic and boring spy/conspiracy storyline
- Feels too much like a tired rehash of the first movie's plot
- No stakes or incentives for the viewer to care about what's going on
- Absolutely no truely good or memorable jokes whatsoever
- Thinking numerous celebrity cameos equals automatic comedy

What the hell happened?!


- Kiefer Sutherland getting impregnated by Owen Wilson

Yeah..."All"...more like "Nothing".

The Verdict

Despite the fact that the makers behind Zoolander 2 had a total of roughly 15 years to develop a comedy-sequel with jokes and humor worthy of the original, Zoolander 2 devastatingly enough is a complete misfire. With that said, it commits the worst crime ever for a comedy - it's simply not funny but boring.
Aside from the fact that this sequel somewhat rehashes much of the conspiracy plot from the original, Zoolander 2 offers little to no actual motivation or incentive for the viewer to actually care about what is happening on screen. With stakes being so ridiculously low and unengaging, one seriously has to ask, what were Ben Stiller and the writers of the script thinking?
But considering that even the original had a rather generic conspiracy story to begin with, it was the original movie's comedy and humor that managed to strike the perfect balance between absolute stupidity and actually clever jokes that today rightfully awarded it its cult status.
This balance or "actually good comedy" is pretty much non-existent in Zoolander 2. In a bizarre and misguided fashion, Zoolander 2 instead features an unusual amount of  numerous celebrity cameos, which the movie mistakes for automatic comedy. Yet those cameos mostly come off as just confusing and "simply there" instead of being actually funny. Other than that, we just follow around Derek Zoolander and Hansel through a generic plot with barely anything funny or exciting happening at all...that's it. It's a prime example of a movie that busted out all of its "best moments" during its trailers.
Even the minor scattered positive sparks of seeing Justin Bieber getting viciously killed off or the few minor laughs Will Ferrell manages to bring in as Mugatu aren't enough to justify sitting through this absolutely disappointing borefest.

Ben Stiller had all the time in the world to come up with a good script for Zoolander 2, the sequel to one of his most beloved and praised comedies. Yet sadly, Zoolander 2 turned out to be a movie that's only a shadow of the original's genius. A highly anticipated sequel, which ultimately would've been better off never having been made after all.

Final Verdict: 2 out of 10

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