10 Cloverfield Lane - Quicky Review


What's good

- John Goodman's intensely frightening performance
- Well established claustrophobic atmosphere
- Gripping and immersive from start to finish
- An all around great thriller even without the Cloverfield title

"You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

What's bad

- The Cloverfield name in the title making the ending somewhat predictable

The Cloverfield brand on the title feels pretty unnecessary.


- Each of Goodman's sudden freakouts.

"Sure you want to leave already?"

The Verdict

10 Cloverfield Lane surprised everyone when it suddenly got announced and to top that off, it turns out to be a rock solid thriller as well.
Focussing on a girl Michelle, who is being held captive in an underground bunker by John Goodman's character, yet supposedly for her own safety, the movie establishes a great sense of claustrophobic atmosphere and suspense from start to finish. With a tight focus on only a total of three characters, it's one of those movies where you follow each step of the main protagonist and are always just as smart and knowing about the situation as her, leading to a very immersive watching experience.

Yet without any doubt the biggest selling point of the entire movie is John Goodman's performance. Quite comparable to movies like Misery, John Goodman is simply immensely terrifying in playing Howard, a man who actually doesn't mean to harm anybody, yet nevertheless comes off ridiculously frightening not only through his physique but also his increasingly psychotic persona alone.
If there's anything bad that can be said about
10 Cloverfield Lane, it's that the brand "Cloverfield" only really hurts this movie. 10 Cloverfield Lane is a well made and perfectly enjoyable thriller that simply doesn't need the name Cloverfield attached to it (at least not to the movie's title). Since 10 Cloverfield Lane neither entirely feels like a true sequel or spin-off to the original Cloverfield movie, the only thing it does is making the movie's ending somewhat predictable.Nevertheless, 10 Cloverfield Lane is absolutely worth anybody's time. It's a tense and gripping thriller that should entertain and immerse you as long as you don't head into it expecting a direct Cloverfield sequel.

Final Verdict: 7 out of 10

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