London Has Fallen - Quicky Review

What's good

- Badass Gerard Butler is badass
- Fairly entertaining parliament attack scene

Even one-man-army Gerard Butler can't make this worthwhile.

What's bad

- Extremely thin plot and straightforward storyline
- Story quickly feels pretty aimless and rushed
- Mostly very unremarkable action scenes with dodgy CGI
- Completely wasted Morgan Freeman and Aaron Eckhart

- Ill-minded eye-for-an-eye mentality and moral
- Quite racially insensitive

I guess Morgan just really needed that paycheck.


- How did the terrorists manage to plant that many bombs all over London without anyboy noticing?!

Where is the security to prevent stuff like this?!

The Verdict

Even though the bar has been already set quite low by its predecessor, London Has Fallen sadly not only proves to be just utterly unnecessary, but sadly also brings as good as nothing noteworthy or redeeming to the table for unknowing moviegoers lured into watching it.
Feeling mostly like an extremely thinly written and slapped together straight-to-DVD movie, London Has Fallen can't even be enjoyed as a simple cheesy action B-movie. Although Gerard Butler certainly seems to have what it takes to make for a likable one-liner spitting badass, the movie never completely embraces the 80s style action-cheesefest formula. Instead it not only strands nearly every single actor involved in an aimless movie that basically completely centers around Gerard Butler shooting random guys in unremarkable videogame-like action scenes, but it additionally boasts a very ill-minded and somewhat even racist eye-for-an-eye-mentality and moral (Donald Trump would be proud).

Despite the many possibilties offered through its larger setting, London Has Fallen unfortunately turns out to be only an ugly shadow of its predecessor's few actually good aspects. Both, as a sequel and an action movie on its own, London Has Fallen is messy, unremarkable, very short and absolutely forgettable from beginning to end.

Final Verdict: 2 out of 10

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