The Boss - Quickie Review

What's good

- Peter Dinklage
- A small handful of actually good and raunchy jokes
- Some nice set piece moments

At least the movie's set pieces are actually quite entertaining.

What's bad

- Too many throwaway gags
- Very predictable and thin storyline
- Ultimately absolutely forgettable

McCarthy looks silly. There. That's the gag. Nothing more.


- Peter Dinklage vs. Melissa McCarthy katana sword fight

Peter Dinklage with a happens.

The Verdict

Directed by Ben Falcone, the director of the awful McCarthy flick "Tammy" (as well as McCarthy's husband), The Boss is a rather generic McCarthy driven comedy that despite being superior to Tammy in quite some ways, still has not enough to make it a standout film in her resume or even be memorable.
With only some entertaining set piece moments and a handful of jokes that actually hit a good balanced mark between being in itself a good joke and raunchy at the same time, most of the other gags in the movie fall pretty flat. Mostly relying on McCarthy just spitting out offensive insults or talking dirty to kids, the movie way too often relies on this simple formula in the hopes of it resulting in good comedy, which it unfortunately doesn't in most cases.
Yet even depiste the incredibly predictable, straightforward and thin storyline that has been told a hundred times already, the movie's emotional moments and heartwarming moral nevertheless somewhat still remain as timeless as ever.
Also, it doesn't hurt that Peter Dinklage really enjoys his role in this movie, which also includes him having a sword fight with a katana!

Overall, The Boss is a barely okay and typical McCarthy comedy that sure should be good enough to fill out a boring afternoon with some light entertainment, yet for many people it should prove to boast nothing (or not enough) to make a trip to the theater feel worthwhile.

Final Verdict: 4 out of 10

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