Doom - Quickie Review

What's good

- Simple, fun and superfluid mechanics and overall gameplay
- Level-design that pays homage to old-school Doom while updating it
- Weapon and equipment upgrade system
- Big enemy variety and nice boss battles
- Beautiful graphics
- Very rewarding collectibles and challenges
- Killer industrial-metal soundtrack

Doom finally arrived in the 21st Century...and it's awesome.

What's bad

- Unnecessary and uninspired multiplayer
(- Pretty thin story)
(- Might feel repetitive for some)

Who asked for a Doom multiplayer? - That's right. Nobody.


- The completely upgraded Double-Barrel-Shotgun being the most devastating weapon ever.

One hell of a "statement gun".

The Verdict

Though it will most probably appeal way more to fans of the old-school Doom franchise than to most other gamers, the new Doom is hands down probably the best way possible to bring back the nostalgic gameplay formula of the first classic Doom games and update it accordingly to fit modern day gaming - yet all while staying true to what made the original Doom great in the first place.
With that said, Doom is simple, superfast and fun. Without being overly complex and giving into modern standards of military- and sci-fi shooters, like iron sight aiming or regenerating health, Doom is gleefully and confidentally old-school in its approach and gameplay. Featuring a respectably big variety of enemies, large levels full of actually rewarding and very useful collectibles, and beautiful graphics running on smooth 60FPS (on consoles), Doom does surprisingly well to keep players invested while doing what it does best. Sure enough, players shouldn't expect any overly complex story in the campaign, yet Doom has never been about the story but instead the addicting gameplay -  and here the game delivers in spades. Ditching the much slower pace of Doom 3, Doom is all about reflexes, fast movement and even faster shooting with various huge guns in arena like levels filled with hordes of different demons. Updating the classic Doom gameplay with way faster and more agile enemies on top of a very motivating new weapon upgrade system, Doom does good to keep fans coming back for more even after finishing its lengthy campaign.

With the only downside really being the very uninspired and tacked-on feeling multiplayer, fans of old-school shooters like Wolfenstein: The New Order or simply the classic Doom franchise can without hesitation dive into the new Doom. Admittedly, in comparison to other big budget blockbuster video game titles, Doom still might remain more or less a very niche kind of game that is best suggested to longtime fans of the franchise, yet those interested in a more simple and different shooter for a change, should definitely give Doom a shot. - Also, it's probably the most insanely "metal" game in years.

Final Verdict: 8 out of 10

Status: Great / Best for Fans

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