Alice Through the Looking Glass - Quickie Review

What's good

- Colorful and very creative art design and visuals
- Solid time travel frame-story
- Surprisingly intense climax

The visuals are of course once again top notch.

What's bad

- Has pretty much nothing to do with the original novel whatsoever
- Numerous plot holes that are just blatenedly ignored
- Important plot points that come down to silly nonsense
- Too many underutilized iconic Alice in Wonderland-characters

- Generic over-the-top performances

Prepare to be making this face a lot.


- After all this time, we find out that the White Queen and the Red Queen started hating each other because of cake....CAKE!


The Verdict

Though it's arguably more enjoyable to watch than the first one, Alice Through the Looking Glass is still a movie that is hard to fully recommend for a trip to your local theater than rather just a watch at home.
Being inspired more by the first movie's financial- rather than its critical success, Alice Through the Looking Glass thus makes little true effort to iron out the first movie's faults and instead continues to work with them.
Except for the appearing yet mostly just underutilized iconic characters of Lewis Carroll's novels, Through the Looking Glass has as good as nothing to do with the original sequel-novel of the same name whatsoever. Instead the movie offers an admittedly solid time travel storyline, albeit a ridiculously plot hole-heavy one. With that said, though the world of "Underland" is of course full of magical things and circumstances, many crucial plot points and happenings are never clearly explained and plot holes just ignored: "Why is the Mad Hatter's memory of his family's death killing him?", "Why is the personifcation of TIME such an easily gullible goof?", "Why is TIME in love with the Red Queen?", and much more.
Though not necessarily a deal breaker, the amount of nonsensical plot points really stretch the viewer's suspension of disbelief and on numerous occasions will drastically take him out of the experience simply due to confusion.
Aside from that, the movie at least expectedly, much like its predecessor, boasts a visual feast for the eyes with once again very creative art design and effects.

Alice Through the Looking Glass is a sequel that has just as little (if not even less) to do with Lewis Carroll's original stories as Tim Burton's first movie. Yet with a servicable time travel story, neat visuals and a surprisingly intense final act, Alice Through the Looking Glass is at least a very slight improvement over the messy first trip to Wonder...sorry..."Underland".
Those more forgiving towards the movies' very loose adaptations should give Alice Through the Looking Glass a watch at home. Yet for a trip to the theater, this Wonderland-sequel arguably won't offer enough for most people.

Final Verdict: 4 out of 10

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