Central Intelligence - Quickie Review


What's good

- Great interaction and chemistry between Johnson and Hart
- Irresistably charismatic Dwayne Johnson (as always)
- Solid enough (albeit forgettable) spy action storyline
- Some jokes are unpredictable and fun,...

The Johnson-Hart combo is good enough to carry most of the movie.

What's bad

- ...but most jokes fall pretty flat
- Boring and slow first act
- Predictable twists and turns

Nevertheless, there's nothing too new to see here.


- That awesome Road House reference. Patrick Swayze would've been proud.

"Road House, baby!"

The Verdict

Overall, judged only by its plot, Central Intelligence is a very straightforward, run-off-the-mill spy comedy with an entertaining enough yet nevertheless quite forgettable and predictable story. It's a movie that completely relies on the chemistry of its two leads - Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. And in that sense, it kind of works.
Though the chemistry between the endlessly charismatic Dwayne Johnson and blabbermouth Kevin Hart is actually good enough to carry most of the movie, the fact that roughly half of the jokes in the movie nevertheless still seem to miss their mark and fall just flat makes Central Intelligence more of a mixed bag in the end.

Fans of either Dwayne Johnson or Kevin Hart will definitely find enough positive things to make a watch of Central Intelligence worthwhile, yet everybody not too excited about that combo in the first place should probably just skip it. Other than that, Central Intelligence pretty much delivers exactly what it advertised in its trailers: a light comedic romp based on an unmatched duo. If only it would've been a little less forgettable and more consistently funny though.

Final Verdict: 5 out of 10

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