Finding Dory - Quickie Review

What's good

- Fantastic animation that combines cartoon style characters with near photo-realistic scenery
- Great balance between more serious tones and and simple fun adventure
- Numerous new, fun and loveable characters all across the board
- Perfect comedic timing
- Simple yet very effective storyline without the need of an antagonist
- Awesome set pieces in a big new setting
- Very heartwarming message and flashbacks of Dory and her parents

Hands down the cooles new character has to be octopus Hank.

What's bad

- Might occasionally feel a bit repetitive for some.

With all these great characters, even the familiar beats are forgivable.


- Diabetes inducingly cute baby Dory.

The cuteness level is over 9000!!!!

The Verdict

Summed up, especially the fact that a sequel to 2003's Finding Nemo didn't feel the slightest bit necessary, Pixar and Disney nevertheless struck a thought of genius by focussing Finding Dory not only on the literal search for Dory but also the search of who Dory herself actually is. What makes it all even more surprising, is that Finding Dory might easily just be an even better movie than its predecessor.

Returning once again with fantastic animation work by Pixar, Finding Dory is notably stronger in terms of working with its main themes. There, the balance between the serious tones of Dory's hard life due to her short term memory loss issues and the comedic situations this oftentimes causes are pulled off very well. Even more so, Dory's incapability to remember things are not simply played out here as a simple comedic gimmick but also as a thought-provoking and serious issue, which is touchingly well underlined by flashbacks showcasing Dory's parents trying to teach her how to deal with this problem.
It of course doesn't hurt that Finding Dory is expectedly chock full of new and absolutely lovable characters without a single one of them appearing as annoying. Along with pretty much perfect comedic timing and a big array of great fun jokes, one rightfully might not be aware at first that the entire movie actually doesn't feature a single antagonistic character. Yet seeing how the situation itself pretty much is the main enemy here, the entire simple premise and straightforward adventure in Finding Dory couldn't be any more exciting with so many colorful and rich characters.

Finding Dory succesfully defied the odds and instead of rehashing the original's story, delivers an entirely new one with a new exciting setting, a bigger focus on new themes, an entirely new set of lovable characters and a great heartwarming message. While the original Finding Nemo remains a memorable movie in its own right, Finding Dory might just be one of those movies that even surpasses its already great predecessor. It's yet another fantastic movie from Pixar and one if not THE best animated movie of the year.

Final Verdict: 9 out of 10

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