Star Trek Beyond - Quickie Review

What's good

- Solid storyline that seemlessly mixes old and new Star Trek themes
- Exciting, wide array of both practical and CGI-heavy action scenes
- Jaylah - a great new addition to the protagonist crew
- Good revealing twist in the final act

"What? It doesn't suck?"

What's bad

- Ultimately a not too influential entry in the franchise

- Villain takes too long to get interesting
- Too few space located scenes might feel weird to longtime Trek fans

The ship is totally destroyed? Nevermind. Just build a new one.


- The twist in the final act that suddenly makes things that much more interesting.

There's more to Krall's plan than one might think at first.

The Verdict

Overall, Star Trek Beyond luckily avoided becoming the mindless nonstop actionfest that many expected it to be. And even though it is probably the most action oriented entry of the reboot trilogy thus far, director Justin Lin fortunately didn't forget to deliver a great entertaining story around the big slew of action set-piece moments in the movie.
With that said, Star Trek Beyond takes a bit of time to get its story going. But at the latest when the background of the villain's plan gets revealed and when Jaylah, a great new addition to the protagonist crew, comes into play, things will start to grab you.
Nevertheless, despite a not groundbreaking but absolutely servicable and entertaining enough story, that mixes both old and new Star Trek themes together, one surely will have a hard time shaking off the feel that Star Trek Beyond feels somewhat disposable in comparison to its two predecessors.
Even though the entire Enterprise once again gets absolutely destroyed and Kirk and friends learn some new things, the influence of the events in Star Trek Beyond feel quite limited. Making Star Trek Beyond a not that influential next step for the franchise.

However, there's no denying that Star Trek Beyond succesfully defied the odds of its misleading trailers and instead stands admittedly strong as an enjoyably straightforward albeit not groundbreaking entry in the Star Trek reboot trilogy.
With only the notable lack of enough space scenes representing a possible gripe of longtime fans, Star Trek Beyond should most probably entertain old Star Trek fans just as much as the new ones.

Final Verdict: 6 out of 10

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