The BFG - Quickie Review

What's good

- Great effects work
- Consistently charming and family friendly tone
- Some occasionally nice humor
- Lovable lead characters

A faitfhul adaptation of the classic book, but...

What's bad

- Very few actual highlights
- Overly long
- Slow paced and pretty predictable
- Surprisingly anti-climactic ending

...with few highlights and a very dragging pace.


- The Queen experiencing what happens when you drink something with bubbles going down.

You sure you want to drink that, your majesty?

The Verdict

Overall, being directed by none other than Steven Spielberg, each of Spielberg's works, even if the topic doesn't interest you, at least is directed and made with spot-on precision. And in that sense, The BFG is no exception.
Being presented as a family friendly little adventure, The BFG is exactly that. Yet seeing how overly long it is, how slowly paced it feels and how little actual highlights it features, this tale of a giant and a little girl for the most part simply drowns in mediocrity.
Sure enough,
The BFG nevertheless is a great example of a nice little family friendly tale, yet it is destined to eventually feel quite boring to older viewers while most probably only entertaining the younger ones.
On top of that, despite great looking CGI-work and lovable characters, the entire storyline of The BFG can't help but feel very predictable, which leads to this supposedly very magical feeling film to never reach the emotional and exciting heights of Spielberg's other take on more or less the same themes and topic - E.T.

The BFG does a great job at being a faithful adaptation of Roald Dahl's original children's book. Yet with that kept in mind, Spielberg's adaptation targets exactly those younger viewers. And while it does a servicable job at making for a good family friendly little experience for them, the movie will most likely feel very been-there-done-that and dragging for older viewers.
Though a formidable adaptation of a classic book,
The BFG can't help but overall feel like an average mixed bag of a children's movie, where one can't help but feel like studios like Pixar manage to entertain both old and young in much more consistently effective ways.

Final Verdict: 5 out of 10

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