Ice Age: Collision Course - Quickie Review

What's good

- The short parts with Scrat the prehistoric squirrel (as always)

Just give him his own show already!

What's bad

- Basically everything else is absolutely not funny in the slightest
- Extremely dragging pace and very eventless storyline
- Old characters become even more forgettable...
- ...and newly introduced ones are forgettable on arrival
- Feels like it should've been released straight to homevideo

So many characters, so little left to do with them.


- The thought that there even is a fifth movie after the fourth one already scraped the bottom of the barrel.

And especially those two are the worst of the worst.

The Verdict

Even though the franchise started off with a memorable and great first movie way back in 2002, the series sadly for the sake of everybody just needs to die already. Need proof? - Ice Age: Collision Course. 
Considering that the franchise heavily declined in quality ever since the second installment got released, the fact that a fifth movie in the franchise even got made after the already heavily lackluster fourth one, is the most remarkable thing about this extremely unnecessary entry.
It can't be said otherwise: Ice Age: Collision Course is a prime showcase that the creators behind the franchise went into absolute creative extinction without any real ideas of what else to do with those characters. After meeting up with dinosaurs and facing a severe metldown, now the gang is up against asteroids threatening their existence (how ironic). And just with every other unnecessarily long franchise, the fact that Ice Age partially now also goes "into space" just goes to show how lazy the writers have gotten. On top of that, Ice Age: Collision Course straight up feels like a movie planned originally for a release straight to homevideo but that nevertheless got shoved into theaters to squeeze the last bit of money out of unlucky parents' pockets. It's dragging, surprsingly eventless, will bore both kids and adults to tears and is worst of all just not funny in the slightest.
Considering that only the short parts with Scrat the prehistoric squirrel are as always the best parts about this movie, the makers should rather invest in a Scrat TV show, rather than another useless entry in the overlong Ice Age franchise.

Do yourself and your kids a favor and go watch the leagues better Zootopia, Finding Dory or The Secret Life of Pets than the uncreative money-grabbing disgrace which is Ice Age: Collision Course.

Final Verdict: 1 out of 10

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