The Secret Life of Pets - Quickie Review

What's good

- Loveable and very colorful cast of characters
- Refreshingly straight forward rescue mission storyline
- Great old school cartoon inspired humor for kids and adults
- Stellar voice acting work by the entire cast, and especially...
- Kevin Hart as maniac bunny Snowball

They really give the Toy Story gang a run for their money.

What's bad

- A bit slow and unimpressive first act

At the latest when Snowball appears, the movie gets going.


- Little white doggy Gidget's favorite soap opera - "Passion de la Passion!"

"This week on Passion de la Passion..."

The Verdict

Although this animated picture by the makers of "Despicable Me" and the "Minions" might easily at first just be written off as being just a "Toy Story with pets", the thing with which "The Secret Life of Pets" rises above this and truely excells at, is its gleeful embrace of old school cartoon humor.
Fueled by a big wonderfully colorful group of wacky characters with very varied personalities, the storyline of "The Secret Life of Pets" additionally is refreshingly simple without overloading it with any (in this case) unnecessary overly emotional subplots or morales.
Instead, "The Secret Life of Pets" features a simply just fun, very entertaining and unpredictable story in the shape of a rescue mission, which despite a rather slow and quite unimpressive first act, picks up dynamic and steam surprisingly fast as soon as the plot gets rollin, the rescue squad is complete and the maniacal bunny Snowball rightfully starts to steal each scene he's in.

Even though the trailers make it seem like yet another standard animated animal flick for kids, "The Secret Life of Pets" is without any doubt one of the standout surprises of this year. Easily entertaining, funny and enjoyable for both adults and kids alike thanks to great old fashioned cartoon humor, "The Secret Life of Pets" is another addition to this year's strong lineup of animated movies.

Final Verdict: 8 out of 10

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  1. Very interesting! Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful post here. I am going to share it with my cousins because we have exhausted all the series by Andy Yeatman and now we want to add something interesting to the watch list. It was lovely going through this review.