Don't Breathe - Quickie Review

What's good

- Great and creative use of a pretty simple premise
- Multiple very suspenseful cat-and-mouse-like scenes
- Horror due to tension instead of cheap jumpscares
- Nicely fleshed out and relatable characters
- Strong performances from all lead actors (especially Jane Levy)

A great example of horror through sheer suspense and tension.

What's bad

- The very first shot of the movie unnecessarily spoiling the ending

Just close your eyes during the first shot to not get spoiled.


- The villain Stephen Lang's true intentions and plan

Bet you didn't see THAT coming.

The Verdict

Don't Breathe is another great movie that showcases just how talented director Fede Alvarez is when it comes to writing and directing all around well crafted horror movies. And even though Don't Breathe ultimately feels more like an intense thriller rather than a full-on horror movie, Alvarez does great in using a pretty simple premise in creatively suspenseful ways. With a group of burglars being trapped in a house with a very skilled yet retired and blind army vet, the movie delivers several intense scenes that actually will make you hold your breathe yourself.
Without overly relying on jump scares, the movie's horror elements work within the framework of the several suspenseful situations it throws the characters in. And luckily the movie takes its time and doesn't forget to nicely flesh out the main protagonists to actually make us root for them to get out of the house alive. And while the entire main cast, both the protagonists and villain Stephen Lang, do a fantastic job with their performances, it's once again actress Jane Levy who steals the show (just like in her previous collaboration with Fede Alvarez on the Evil Dead remake).

With only the spoiling very first shot of the movie feeling utterly unnecessary, Don't Breathe is an otherwise rock solid horror thriller that further proves that there's a bright future ahead for actress Jane Levy and especially writer/director Fede Alvarez. Sure enough, you shouldn't expect a masterpiece, yet Don't Breathe nevertheless remains one of the most refreshing horror/thriller movies to come out this year.

Final Verdict: 7 out of 10

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