Blair Witch - Quickie Review

What's good

- Multiple tributes to the first movie

Many tributes but why then not just watch the original again?

What's bad

- More of an almost 1:1 remake than a sequel
- Resultingly absolutely predictable
- Barely any new ideas or answers to unresolved questions from the original 
- Too much hectic shaky cam and close up shots of faces

- Overall, just feels entirely unnecessary

Don't expect any big new ideas or answers in this remake.


- The fact that anybody thought a remake of the Blair Witch Project would be a good idea.

Really. Who thought this was a good idea?

The Verdict

Although Blair Witch might be a better follow-up to the original Blair Witch Project, it sadly doesn't help the fact that the movie feels just as entirely unnecessary as the notorious Blair Witch 2.

Even despite presenting itself as a sequel to the original, Blair Witch actually is more of a direct remake of the original. Sure enough the premise of the movie might have changed a bit, but other than that, the entire movie's plot almost entirely copies the one of the original movie. Not only does this make the movie pretty much absolutely predictable from start to finish but also boring. Making it only worse is the fact that the movie barely tries to improve the scenes it heavily borrows from. Instead, most of the camera work relies on hectic shakey cam and many close up shots of scared faces but barely shows us what they are actually scared from. With the movie taking place in modern times, there of course is the expected use of GoPro cameras and such, but they don't really help much in terms of actually showing us scary things.
Of course one might argue that the original Blair Witch Project mostly did the same thing, but then again, Blair Witch Project worked so well because it had a very clever and effective viral marketing campaign that made many people believe that what they were seeing was actually real.
Thus, with everybody nowadays already knowing that its follow-up Blair Witch is all fake, the entire concept and scary aspects of the movie with all the overuse of shakey cam etc. just fall apart - again leaving us with the question: why does this sequel/remake even exist?

All in all, Blair Witch is not a bad horror movie because it's technically badly made, but because it's entire concept simply doesn't work nowadays. It forgets that the original movie mostly only succeeded due to its reality bending viral marketing campaign. Without such a campaign to make the movie's watching experience feeling real, this predictable almost 1:1 remake just feels utterly useless and like a big waste of time.

Final Verdict: 2 out of 10

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