The Magnificent Seven - Quickie Review

What's good

- Nicely cast and varied ensemble of protagonist characters
- Overall good mix of action and humor
- Injects the well known concept of the original with new style
- Spends enough time on fleshing out characters to build up the big showdown
- Very energetic shootout scenes

There's a favorite character for everybody in this great cast.

What's bad

- Doesn't really do anything more than what's expected (although it also doesn't really have to).
(- Maybe a tad bit too long)

It might feel a bit too long, but that's just nitpicking.


- The graphic violence in the movie really stretching that PG-13 rating.

For a PG-13 movie, the action is surprisingly graphic.

The Verdict

The Magnificent Seven might not be enough to fully revive the Western genre altogether in Hollywood but it nevertheless stands strong as a dynamic and terrifically cast remake of the classic original.
With it following up upon countless already made movies utilizing the same well known story of a band of gunslingers trying to help a town in a last stand to defend themselves against an evil businessman and his mercenaries, The Magnificent Seven does a great job of injecting this old plot formula with some new style.
Expectedly, with a nicely varied and lovable cast of new protagonists including wisecracking Chris Pratt and leading man Denzel Washington, the movie of course offers a great balance of humor and action. The remake as a whole, despite a runtime that might feel a bit too long for some, spends enough time on carefully developing and fleshing out all of its main characters to make the final showdown feel very intense. You really want as many of the townspeople and good guys to survive when the last stand takes place. And in this remake, just as much as in the original, nobody is safe. With that said, even despite the movie being PG-13 rated, it is astoundingly graphic in many parts and really stretches those PG-13 limits. Thus, each shootout scene really feels quite energetic and real with each hitting bullet feeling like it genuinely hurts. 

Though it first might've come off as an uninspired rehash of the original, the 2016 Magnificent Seven remake manages to be a very positive surprise. It's a rock solid Western action movie that rightfully can be considered just as entertaining as the 1960s original. With the help of a very well put together cast, enough time spent on character development and building up the showdown, and greatly intense shootout scenes, The Magnificent Seven is very well worth a watch and one of the best modern Westerns in recent memory.

Final Verdict: 7 out of 10

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