Battlefield 1 - Quickie Review

What's good

- Fantastic and very realistic graphics
- Perfectly captures the chaos and feel of WWI
- Refreshing take on the FPS genre by focussing on old weaponry
- Well designed multiplayer maps of various sizes  
- Multiplayer gameplay that greatly emphasizes teamplay
- The big scale Operations mode capturing a true war-esque feel
- Some of the campaign's war stories actually being very entertaining little tales...

Yes, the game really looks that good.

What's bad

- ...while the campaign as a whole is still rather a glorified big tutorial
- Shockingly cumbersome menu navigation
- Not too much gun variety
- Very slow rank and infantry class level progression 

Some of the weapon variations barely even make a difference.


- The campaign not having a war story that focusses on Russians, the French or Germans but one that focusses on Australians.

They might as well just release a free Crocodile Dundee skin DLC.

The Verdict

During a time where the FPS genre seems flooded with generic modern military shooters, EA and developer DICE boldly go to the past with Battlefield 1 and impressively succeed for the most part.
Fueled by the still very realistic and beautiful Frostbite 3 engine, the WWI scenery, chaos and despair really come to life in the game. Especially along with expectedly superb sound design, Battlefield 1's WWI scenarios are both beautiful and actually quite scary at times to experience.
While DICE made a good decision by splitting up the game's campaign into six short war stories, each featuring a new protagonist of another nation, the occasionally surprisingly well told stories still have a hard time to shake off the feel of being nothing more than glorified tutorials for the game's multiplayer. And with a total of about 5 hours to beat the entire campaign, Battlefield 1's focus of course once again is the multiplayer where the actual meat of the game is.
Due to its refreshing focus on old weaponry and old war vehicles, Battlefield 1's multiplayer gameplay makes FPS games after a long time feel actually like something special again. Most notably with the help of long big scale matches like in the Operations mode, effective teamwork is crucial to win the very war-esque battles in multiplayer.
Yet after a while some of the game's biggest shortcomings reveal themselves. With that said, aside from a shockingly annoying menu navigation, the multiplayer of Battlefield 1 has a lot of weaknesses that might soon negatively affect the game's online longevity. Most prominently this is due to the fact that the game offers only a rather limited selection of guns with only about 4 or 5 different guns per class whose variations barely distinguish themselves from each other. Furthermore, the rank and level progression in the game feels painstakingly slow, making it feel like an eternity until you are able to unlock another gun for your loadout.

Overall, the excellently presented Battlefield 1 serves as a great showcase that the FPS genre doesn't necessarily have to constantly look into the future to feel refreshing again. While it doesn't do a whole lot new aside from its WWI setting, Battlefield 1's new battlefields, vehicles, weaponry and especially war feel delivering modes are what definitely make this team focussed WWI Battlefield iteration one of the best ones in the franchise. However, whether its shortcomings will negatively affect its online longevity remains to be seen.

Final Verdict: 8 out of 10

Status: Great

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