Resident Evil: The Final Chapter - Quickie Review

What's good

- It's apparently (and hopefully) the last one in the franchise

The RE movies are like limbo dancing: "How low can you go?"

What's bad

- Paperthin and nonsensical plot that simply ignores or reinvents the events of the previous movies
- Migrane inducing, horribly frantic editing during shaky cam action scenes
- Outdated, bad looking CG-effects
- Bland acting and bland characters throughout
- Lack of any introduced fan favorite characters from previous movies

At this point, does the movie's horrendous quality really surprise anybody anymore?


- The final battle scene suddenly introducing that the main villain and Alice have the ability to predict the future in short bursts...or something like that...It makes no sense.

I knew that Alice was psychic and all, but where did THAT come from?!

The Verdict

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter continues to simultaneously disgrace the great gaming franchise it is based on while also insulting its viewers' intelligence in spades. RE: The Final Chapter is hands down one (if not THE) worst entry in a movie franchise that shouldn't exist to begin with.
Trying to conclude a franchise that at this point became so convoluted and nonsensical, that The Final Chapter flatout starts of with an intro that expects viewers to ignore the events of the previous movies while still nevertheless wanting them to remember certain other elements from namely the first movie. Sure enough the movie still doesn't care the least bit about continuity and therefore simply restructures and reinvents many previous key events.This shouldn't surprise anybody though since Final Chapter's already paperthin plot is full of limitless plot holes spread all over.
The franchise has long reached such a point where every movie feels like nothing more than a big excuse to cash in on a popular brand and simply have the director's wife (Milla Jovovich) be in an endless chain of Matrix-rip off action scenes with needless 3D and a bunch of zombies thrown in - and this movie is of course no different.
The Final Chapter however manages to somehow even reach a new low in that aspect by having the action be shot in continuous annoying "shaky cam" all the while featuring one of the worst editing work I have ever seen in a major studio release. The average time of a shot in an action scene really feels like its only half a second - no joke. Leading to action scenes becoming confusing, stressing and migrane inducing to look at - made even worse when watching this atrocity in 3D.  

Though the movie STILL manages to deliver an ending that somewhat leaves a small door open in case for yet another sequel, here's hoping that Resident Evil: The Final Chapter really is the final chapter (and final nail in the coffin) in this horrible movie franchise. It's a slapped together mess of a movie obviously made as a cashgrab for director Paul W.S. Anderson and his wife to get a quick paycheck without putting any real effort into it.
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is a failure both on a narrative as well as technical front. If you aren't already a die hard fan of this movie franchise, avoid this movie at all cost.


Final Verdict: 1 out of 10

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