Kong: Skull Island - Quickie Review


What's good

- The movie fully embracing its simple B-movie adventure tone
- Very dynamic pacing 
- Many varied (and occasionally surprisingly creative) action scenes
- King Kong looking less like a some random giant Gorilla but actually much more like Kong from the 1933 original (most notably because he is standing upright most of the time)
- Awesome soundtrack consisting of great 60s/70s hits combined with a fitting own score
- All of the actors visibly having fun with their clicheed roles

Kong is back and actually looks more like the original Kong from 1933.

What's bad

- Very thinly written human characters without any true depth or any real character development
- Some muddled character motivations here and there
- Plot conveniences all over the place

Skull Island doesn't deliver any well written characters, but it also doesn't need to.


- That freaky giant spider attack scene

"There's something in the trees."

The Verdict

Unlike Peter Jackson's King Kong remake from 2005, Kong: Skull Island never intended to remake the 1933 original film or even come close to matching its classic status. Instead, Kong: Skull Island comes in the form of a simple fun B-movie where King Kong, the adventure itself and the island's monsters are the main show - and that's it. And in that regard, it's actually quite charming and simply fun to see how self-aware Kong: Skull Island is and resultingly how much it embraces its B-movie tone. Skull Island is a dumb but fun popcorn flick through and through, much like Independence Day, complete with a very dynamic pacing, multiple slow-motion money shots and clicheed thin characters that are likable enough that you want to see them survive, but also wouldn't really get too sad to see them die.
Thanks to the actually pretty brilliant idea to have 70s Vietnam War soldiers get stranded on Skull Island and now have them fight off various giant monsters, Kong: Skull Island sure enough is somewhat style over substance but still never becomes redundant. Thanks to its many very varied and even some surprisingly creative action scenes, Skull Island most definitely won't bore you if you don't expect any deep character studies from it. All of the actors obviously are very aware of what kind of movie they are in. And just like they are embracing the goofy nature and cheesy tone of the movie, so should every viewer.

Kong: Skull Island certainly is no masterpiece in any way but a simple B-movie monsterfest with a group of likable enough characters trying to make it off of Skull Island in one piece. In that sense, Kong: Skull Island delivers exactly what it advertises and never attempts to be anything more than it should be. It's just a refreshingly simple and entertaining monster movie.


Final Verdict: 7 out of 10

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