What is Invisible Kid?

"Invisible Kid" is a website for movie- and game reviews as well as trailers that are mostly (but not entirely) devoted to newly released movies or games.
Furthermore it features a rating list of all the movies the editor (Invisible Kid) has watched, Top 10 lists of several kinds like the best and worst movies of the year, and articles or blogs about this and that.


All the articles featured on "Invisible Kid" are completely created and owned by the editor. Pictures and other material like videos are not owned by Invisible Kid (except if noted). The rights for that material belong to the individual source companies and its creators.
The pictures, videos, etc. displayed on Invisible Kid are all used under fair use for review purposes only, not for profitable advertising of any kind.

Why are the game and comic scores so high and the movie scores all over the place?

Primarily, i am reviewing movies. That's why most of my focus is devoted to that category and most of the time just as many good and bad ones. Not every movie i watch gets a review on the site, but only movies that i think are special and deserve a certain amount of attention. Nevertheless, every movie i watch at least gets a score that can be seen in my rating list on RT. Due to the fact that i reviewed movies previously on RottenTomatoes, the movie scores are related to the RT score rank.

With games and movies i am much more careful and most of the time avoid playing or reading bad ones due to the large amount of time it takes to finish them. Generally, with games and comics, i inform myself about them before i devote my time to them. Therefore, most games and comics accordingly have higher scores.
Due to the fact that i reviewed games previously on GameTrailers, the game scores are related to the GT score rank.

Who is the editor?

Owner of "Invisible Kid" and editor of its articles and reviews is Waldemar Witt.